💰$UPFI Tokenomics

100% Fair Launch: A Tribute to BTC Principles

At the core of Uplink Finance's tokenomics is the Fair Launch strategy, which we consider a fundamental tribute to the BTC spirit.

BTC & BRC20, known for its principles of decentralization, fairness, and community orientation, is the bedrock upon which we have built our approach to token distribution.

By ensuring a 100% fair launch of our tokens, we aim to uphold these values, providing an equitable opportunity for all participants to be a part of Uplink Finance.

This strategy is not just a distribution method; it's a reflection of our commitment to the ethos of BTC.

How to get $UPFI

$UPFI, the governance token of Uplink, can be obtained through various channels, emphasizing its accessibility and utility within the ecosystem.

  1. Market Purchases: $UPFI is available for trading on markets like OKX Web3 Market and Uniswap, PancakeSwap.

  2. Airdrop Claims: Users can receive $UPFI through specifically designed airdrop programs, rewarding early supporters and active community members.

  3. Mining Incentives for Using Uplink Stablecoin Products: Utilizing Uplink’s stablecoin offerings enables users to earn $UPFI mining rewards. The team commits to repurchasing 30% of $UPFI from the market to fund these mining incentives. Rewards are distributed to active product users, with anticipated yields exceeding 100%, making it an attractive proposition.

$UPFI Allocation

$UPFI Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

To ensure stable and continuous liquidity in the market, we have allocated 5% of our tokens for liquidity provision on DEXs. These tokens will be permanently locked, creating a consistent and reliable liquidity pool. This approach mitigates the risks of market manipulation and provides confidence to our users in the stability of the token.

1) Airdrop for Early Supporters – 5%

Recognizing the importance of our early supporters and fan base, we have set aside 5% of the tokens for airdrops. This gesture is to thank and reward those who have shown early interest and support for Uplink Finance. It's a way of giving back to the community that has helped to shape the direction and success of our project.

  • Early Community Members: Airdrops will be given to those who were part of our community from the early stages, as a token of appreciation for their support.

  • Holders of BRC20 Tokens: We will also target holders of select BRC20 tokens like $ORDI, $Sats, and $RATS, promoting integration within the BRC20 ecosystem.

2) Airdrop for Product Users – 30%

30% of UPFI tokens will be airdrop to users who engage with our product. This initiative, alongside a previously reserved 5% of UPFI for airdropping to early supporters, elevates the total amount of UPFI allocated for user rewards via airdrops to 35%. These airdrops will be distributed in the form of UPFI on the BNB Chain, ensuring direct and efficient delivery to our community.

3) DEX Liquidity and Permanent Locking – 5%

To ensure ample liquidity and stabilize market operations, 5% of UPFI tokens are allocated towards decentralized exchange liquidity and will be permanently locked to safeguard the ecosystem's integrity.

4) Marketing – 5%

To foster widespread adoption and awareness of Uplink and its offerings, 5% of the tokens are dedicated to marketing efforts. This will include community engagement, promotional activities, and partnerships to broaden our reach and impact.

5) Treasury – 20%

Serving as the financial backbone of the Uplink project, 20% of UPFI tokens are reserved for the treasury. These funds will be utilized for operational expenses, future development, and strategic investments to ensure the project's long-term sustainability and growth.

6) VC Investments and Public Sale – 35%

To finance the initial development and foster a robust investment ecosystem around Uplink, 35% of UPFI tokens are allocated to venture capital investments and public sales. This allocation aims to attract institutional and individual investors alike, providing a solid foundation for Uplink's market presence and financial health.

$UPFI Utility

$UPFI serves as more than just a governance token; it’s a key to influencing the Uplink ecosystem’s development and gaining financial benefits.

  1. Voting on Collateral Assets: Holding $UPFI grants voting rights to decide which assets, currently including BTC, ORDI, and Sats, can be used as collateral within the platform.

  2. Revenue Share: Stakers of $UPFI are entitled to a 50% share of Uplink protocol’s income. The remaining 50% of protocol revenue is used to repurchase and burn $UPFI from the market, enhancing its value.

$UPSD Utility

As a stablecoin, $UPSD boasts extensive utility across various DeFi applications.

  1. Swapping on Uniswap: $UPSD can be used for swaps, providing liquidity and enabling trades on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

  2. Collateral for Perp DEX: It serves as collateral on perpetual decentralized exchanges, facilitating leveraged trading.

  3. Betting in GambleFi: $UPSD is used as betting funds in GambleFi platforms, expanding its use case into decentralized gaming and gambling.

  4. $UPFI Mining Rewards: Staking $UPSD also qualifies users for $UPFI mining rewards, further integrating it within the Uplink financial ecosystem.

Uplink’s strategic approach to token utility and rewards aims to foster a vibrant and engaged community, driving the adoption and success of its stablecoin and governance token.

$UPFI Contract Address

BNB Chain: 0x6866b964F12aD1006d4b00520Eb8aD61E7Cc208D

Contract Address: 0x6866b964F12aD1006d4b00520Eb8aD61E7Cc208D

Block Explorer: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6866b964F12aD1006d4b00520Eb8aD61E7Cc208D

BRC-20: https://www.okx.com/web3/marketplace/inscription/ordinals/token/UPFI

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