Uplink's ambition is to build the largest stablecoin protocol within the BTC ecosystem, targeting a collateralization of 5% of $BTC and 10% of leading BRC20 assets like $ORDI, aiming for a TVL of $100 billion and a market cap of $10 billion.

2023 Q4:

  • Launch of the $UPSD stablecoin testnet.

  • Launch of Uplink BTC OG NFT.

  • $UPFI 100% fair launch.

2024 Q1:

  • Launch of the $UPSD stablecoin mainet, with the initial collateral assets including mainstream BTC and BRC20 assets like $ORDI, $SATS.

  • Get $UPFI listed on several major CEXs.

  • Establish partnerships with more BTC Assets and communities to solidify our position in the ecosystem.

2024 Q2:

  • Expand into mainstream BTC Layer 2 solutions to enhance scalability and transaction efficiency.

  • Expand collateral assets to include a wider range of BRC20 assets.

  • List on 3-5 top-tier CEXs, significantly increasing market visibility and liquidity.

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