🆙Uplink Finance, First BTC Stablecoin

Uplink Finance ($UPFI) is the first decentralized BTC stablecoin protocol, positioned as the Maker DAO within the BTC ecosystem.

Users can store assets such as $BTC, $ORDI, $Sats, and receive over-collateralized stablecoins $UPSD, thereby gaining liquidity.

The governance token $UPFI is launched with a 100% Fair Launch, paying homage to the BTC community spirit.

Where to buy $UPFI?

Contract Address: 0x6866b964F12aD1006d4b00520Eb8aD61E7Cc208D

Block Explorer: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6866b964F12aD1006d4b00520Eb8aD61E7Cc208D

More Info

Uplink Website: https://www.uplinkfi.com

Uplink Twitter: https://twitter.com/Uplink_BTC

Uplink Telegram: https://t.me/uplink_btc

Uplink Whitepaper: docs.uplinkfi.com

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